Recent research has shown that low self-esteem or low self-confidence among men is growing at an alarming rate. The study conducted shows that nearly one in ten men show symptoms of having or admit to having low self-esteem.

As we all know already, that self-esteem is very necessary for men especially in their work environment, since, without this, you will be pushed around by your colleagues and also pressured by your superiors without reason. It impacts your life in several different ways and for us to find solutions to a problem, we will first need to know how it is caused. We are going to be looking at some of the ways how low self-esteem develops in a man.


The people we spend our time plays a big role in how our thinking is impacted. If you spend too much time with people who are always thinking of negative thoughts or people who are into drugs and drink alcohol at an abusive rate then that will impact your self-esteem.


Some men have general anxiety about their performance. They often think that the work that they are doing is not up to the mark. They tend to compare their performance in a specific task to the performance of another individual. This is very unhealthy.

We need to realize that everyone is good at something and therefore, we should not compare ourselves to other people or their performance in a specific task.


Lacking self-esteem can be rooted in the different parenting styles that are often used. Unfortunately, some parents are not supportive of their children and are often expecting more and more from their children instead of being happy and supporting their child with the achievements that they have already achieved.

To some extent, it is productive to push your child to reach or target for higher goals, since, this builds self-confidence and teaches them to not give up. At the same time, pushing them hard all the time and not appreciating their efforts and achievements can lead to the child growing to have low self-esteem.


There is a false, often negative, and toxic mentality set by society or a certain group of people, as what makes a man a “man.” Certain false standards have been set by some uneducated and people of toxic mentality, that men need to be strong, buff and have little to no emotions.

I am happy to tell you that this is all wrong. Men are also humans and living beings. You are allowed to have emotions, in fact, that is what is normal. There was a time when it was required by men to be big and buffed up, otherwise, they were considered insignificant. Nowadays, all that has changed, we do not live in the cavemen era anymore. This is the 21st century and emotional stability and intelligence are much more appreciated then big muscles.


Sometimes the lifestyle that you have set to maximize your performance is what is causing you to have issues with your self-esteem. Sometimes we set goals in our lives that are unrealistic and then we are not able to chase them down.

Not being able to achieve our goals makes us feel weak, which leads to low self-esteem. The solution to this is to target realistic goals.


In recent times, men have been more self-conscious about how their appearance and are trying to dedicate more and more time towards “perfecting” their self-image.

This causes you to lower your self-esteem as there are always more ways to improve the human body’s appearance. We need to keep in mind that everyone is unique in their ways. Nobody looks perfect and our physical appearance does not signify who we are or what we are capable of.


We all have our good days and bad ones. It is important to keep in mind that no matter how bad our day gets or how bad we feel emotional, we should not let that impact our work negatively. A negative impact on our work might have more dire consequences. For instance, poor performance in work over time can lead to a man having low self-esteem.

It is of the utmost importance that when we are feeling down, we concentrate on our work. Work can act as a distraction and make us feel better about ourselves. Even if it does not help us to feel better emotionally, it will help us to keep our self-esteem intact.



This is a tricky thing to understand as it can stem from many different sectors in our lives. It can also come from a very early stage in your life. For instance, if you suffered a trauma as a child, such as the death of someone very close to you, then it is likely that this trauma will impact you in the long run. The trauma can lead to lower self-esteem if not dealt with in due time.

Other types of trauma can be recent, such as a violent crash or accident that you were in or one which you witnessed with your own eyes. This type of trauma can also impact your self-esteem. It is always a good idea to talk about the things that you go through in life, whether good or bad with someone close to you, such as a family member or friend.

Feel free to contact me for anything you want to share or want to get off your chest. I am all ears and will try my best to help you out with your issues.

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