Causes of stress ( External Factors )

Stress can be caused by several different factors and oftentimes people tend to have multiple sources that trigger them to be stressed. The causes can be categorized into many different sectors, but, to keep things simple, I have categorized them into two different groups,

External factors

Internal factors

Here, we are going to take a look at the external factors in detail, so let’s jump straight to it.


Both of these play a vital role in our daily lives. This can also be the primary source of all your stress. In the modern world, we are always under pressure to perform well, whether that is in school or at work.

There is always a huge amount of work that we have to complete regularly. Being under such constant pressure is what creates stress in you. It is okay to be competitive and also necessary to some extent, but whenever we try to push our body and mind to their limits, then it retaliates in the form of stress.

While at work, it is always a good thing to have proper communication and a clear understanding with your colleagues. If you are close to your colleagues, then they can help you out in dire situations. Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There will always be at least one person who will be willing to help you out in your time of need.

While in school, the situation is pretty much in your control, if you want it to be. You can start prepping ahead of the examination dates. You can do a few of your assignments every day so that it does not pile up.

Since a routine is given to you in school, therefore, you can use that as a guideline to make a routine that suits you best. This will help you to distribute your workload and make education much more fun than it already is.


You are very likely to experience stress when you are going through changes in your life. Oftentimes these changes have a significant impact on your life. This sudden change comes as a shock or minor trauma to the body. Eventually, the trauma leads to stress.

The bigger the emotional impact, the chances of the stress levels are generally higher. This could include things such as changing a job, moving to a location for work purposes without your family, shifting homes with your family.

It is always helpful if you mentally prepare yourself for the changes in the future. Sometimes, that may not be possible. If that is the case, then you can try out the different solutions to help you get through the stress.



Every relationship has its ups and downs, but what determines the future of the relationship is how you handle yourself during the downs. There are bound to be arguments and disagreements in any healthy relationship, but you can not let that get to your head.

If you start thinking about a small argument you had 3 years ago, over and over again, then that is bound to harm you. One of the negative impacts is stress, among other ones such as depression and anti-social behavior.


You must also be able to trust the person with whom you are in a relationship. You can not be suspicious of the other person. This leads to you over-thinking about something that potentially does not exist. Over-thinking can also lead to stress.


You are most likely to go through stress after a bad break-up or after a divorce. You must talk to someone close to you about what you are going through instead of bottling it all up.





Due to the unsteady nature of the world economy, we might have to face financial difficulties from time to time. The people who are impacted frequently are those who live paycheck to paycheck.

If you are going through financial difficulties, then it puts a huge amount of additional pressure on your body and brain. You are having to continue your daily schedule and also have to think about the financial issue. It is like background noise that always keeps playing. If the issue is not dealt with appropriately in due time, over time, this will turn into stress.





Family plays a very important role in our lives. And God forbid, if something happens to our family, that’s when it hits us the hardest.


There are many different situations that your family can be in, maybe someone in the family is ill, maybe someone lost his/her job, or worst-case scenario, there is a death in the family. All of these situations involve a lot of emotion and a lot of thinking regarding the current matter at hand.

If not kept under control, all this over-thinking can lead to you having stress. And that is the last thing you need. Therefore, it is always best to keep an eye on your health and your family’s health, especially the children.


A death in the family can impact the children the most. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you take extra care of them during such hard times.




It is always a positive thing to get involved in the work that we do. This complete involvement in our work is what makes us good at work. This in turn will help us in the long run, career-wise.

But, there are some times when we get too involved. We start avoiding our family and start working long hours, which leads to us missing important family events such as birthdays of our children or weddings of our relatives.


A certain amount of social activity is essential if you wish to have a stress free life. This happens because if you go to these events, you tend to talk to people who are close to you. This helps you to share things that have been bothering us. If you open up about your issues, this greatly reduces the chances of you having stress.





There are times when you will have no control of a situation that you are in. This might trigger stress in you if you get too hung up on the matter.


The best thing to keep in mind is that there are situations that you will not be able to control such as natural calamities, war, and other such things. Instead of stressing about the situation, learn to accept the facts and if you wish to change anything, try the logical approach.

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