Causes of stress ( Internal factors )

We live in a world that has more than several ways of triggering our stress levels. Although, the external factors that impact us are not always to be blamed. There are ways by which you can be stressed, due to internal factors as well.




If you tend to try to achieve perfection in everything that you do, at some point in life, you are bound to experience stress. We are human beings and no single human being is perfect. We all have our faults and limitations.

You need to learn what your limitations are and set your goals accordingly. You can always aim for smaller targets and once you achieve them, you can easily set another goal in the same direction. But, if you set a goal that is too big or maybe even unrealistic, then chances are you will not be able to achieve it. The task will seem too long and will eventually end up demotivating you.


Trying to be the best version of yourself is always an excellent thing, but you must also never chase down perfection. Perfection is a state of mind and varies from person to person. Therefore, we can never truly achieve perfection.




We live in an ever-changing world and there will always be changes surrounding us. If you have a hard time adjusting and adapting to these changes, then you are likely to experience stress in your life.

You must be aware of your surrounding conditions, this will at least give you some time or some indication as to what might change in the future. This will help you to be mentally prepared and will drastically reduce your chances of stressing about the matter.




This is something that almost all of us are guilty of. Most people do it now and then, but it gets very risky when someone starts doing it regularly.

Negative self-talk is the thoughts in your mind that keeps telling you that you are not good enough for a task. It is the constant feeling that you have from within, which tells you that you will not amount to anything in life, or whatever you are doing in life is all irrelevant.


If you listen to this voice daily and even multiple times per day, then you are very likely to face stress since all this voice can do is make you doubt yourself and make overthink every little decision that you take throughout the course of the day.


You must learn to ignore that voice in your head. The voice is the thing that is holding you back in life. If that voice keeps knocking multiple times a day, then remember this, all the greatness of a man or woman comes not from external factors but comes from within themselves.


Learn to believe in your abilities and take action accordingly. Do not base your goals and steps in life accordingly to the voice in your head, for it is your worst enemy.




Not everyone is capable of taking on a leadership role. Such a position comes with a significant amount of responsibility and communication skills since you have to work with and co-ordinate a big number of people.

Working with such a large group of people can lead to a lot of pressure on your mind. It also involves a lot of planning ahead of time. You also have to solve issues that normally occur while working with a big group. All of these factors can lead to you having stress.


This can happen even if you are not in a leadership position. Generally, the work in a group is distributed evenly and if you can not finish your task within the set amount of time then the entire project can come to a standstill. This is additional pressure for you to keep in mind and this could also lead to you experiencing stress.




If you are always thinking of what could go wrong then you will always be undermining yourself constantly. Over time, this can lead to stress.

The world is not perfect and there is a lot that can go wrong but, that should not stop you from enjoying your life the way you see fit. Learn to enjoy yourself and think of the negatives that life has to offer, as just another challenge that you have to overcome.




Having an all in or nothing attitude in life can be very harmful to the body and mind in the long run. This kind of attitude makes you push all the work to the last moment and when you try to complete it all before the deadline then it seems like a mountain of work. You end up getting stressed at the very work that you generally love doing.

The solution to this is very easy, break down the work into smaller segments and work on a small segment each day. This will ensure a steady flow of work that is being completed and also prevent a pile-up of work before the deadline. This also ensures that you are not overworked or under a lot of pressure in your work environment.




You have to be able to have flexible thinking in things in an ever-changing environment. The conditions whether emotional, financial, health-wise, etc. can change without notice and we must be able to adapt to the new normal and try to figure on solutions.


If you have rigid thinking, then you are bound to overthink the situation that you are going through. Worrying about something will not fix the problem, it will only cause stress. The best thing to do is to have a productive mindset and flexible thinking.

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