Has the pandemic improved your sleep?

This pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. Many of us have lost loved ones to the disease and many more are infected with it. It has completely changed most of our lives forever. We have to shop, exercise, and even work from home due to the pandemic and increased lockdowns in many countries. But, life has a way of balancing things. Even through all the negative clouds, there is a silver lining for us.

The silver lining comes to us in the form of improvements in our health. We live extremely stressful lifestyles, especially people who live and work in the city. Our schedule is always jam-packed, trying to balance work and personal life events can take a toll on the human body and mind. The pandemic has helped us to somewhat relieve some of the stress that comes along with our hectic lifestyles.

1.Improves the immune system

The immune system is our first line of defense when it comes to fighting off infections and various diseases caused by viruses. The immune system actively looks for and targets harmful viruses within our body and produces the necessary chemicals to protect us from harm. This process of actively seeking and eliminating threats is extremely resource-intensive.

Even though the immune system is very efficient and good at its job, it too needs a lot of energy to operate. When we are awake, most of the energy is used to help the body do other tasks such as motion, processing of images which we see through our eyes, and things of that nature. Therefore, the immune system can not function at its optimal level since it does not receive the required energy. A proper night`s sleep helps the immune system to carry out all the essential checks and tasks since the body can provide it with much more energy. A stronger immune system results in a healthier body and allows the body to fight off most infections, and keeps us safe.

2.Optimal levels

Our body produces a wide range of chemicals that are necessary for functionality and well-being. To produce all these chemicals regularly, the body needs a balanced diet and plenty of rest. Most of us concentrate on a balanced diet and tend to leave out the resting part. During the course of an average day, we perform a lot of tasks and the body is busy trying to keep up with the current situation and does not receive the necessary resources that it requires to produce the chemicals.

Some of these chemicals are responsible for maintaining vital systems in our bodies such as maintaining proper digestion, proper mood, and so on. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that these chemicals can be produced by the body when it needs to. If the body is provided with the necessary resources ( proper diet and rest ) to produce these chemicals, then it leads to us feeling much more active and in some cases even happier throughout the day.

3.Brain function

No matter what we are doing throughout the day, the brain is a vital part of our body that never seems to get any rest. The brain is one of the hardest working parts of our body. It has the massive responsibility of processing all the different things that we see, hear, touch, taste, and so on. Not only does it have to process all the information it is receiving from external sources, but it also has to monitor and maintain the vital interior systems of our body such as breathing, digestion, blood circulation, and so on.

All of these tasks take a massive toll on the brain and can sometimes have us feeling a little overwhelmed. Continuously putting our brain through such high levels of the power-intensive task makes it tired and it starts to lose its efficiency. The brain still has to work while we sleep as well, since it controls our blood circulation and breathing but, it can shut down some functions such as the digestive system. Being able to shut down some of the systems, helps reduce the workload on the brain and therefore enables it to receive some much-needed rest.

Therefore, when we wake up in the morning, we feel relaxed and refreshing. The brain at this state generally has higher productivity and performance. That is one of the main reasons why students prefer to study very early in the morning. Our brain is rested and ready to perform complex tasks with the highest level of efficiency during this time, which makes it easier for students to learn and understand things at a faster rate.


I believe most of you already know this as a fact that sleeping helps with stress. Whether you are a student or a person with a job or maybe even both, we are all in the same boat when it comes to stress. This is something that almost none of us can escape. For some, it is the stress of exams and doing well in their academic lives and for others, it may be the pressure of a fast-approaching deadline at work. This is one aspect of modern life that we previously thought that we would never be able to fix, but the pandemic has slowed down most sectors to some extent.

This slowdown definitely has its own downsides but, I am just trying to concentrate on the positives here. One of the biggest stress relieving factors for most people is the fact that their classes or work has shifted to some sort of online platform. This has taken away the huge amounts of stress we used to face each day when we used to travel to and from school or work. Along with that, now we do not have to worry if we are going to be late for an important class or meeting anymore since we can conduct them from the comfort of our homes.


Proper sleep routines and sleep cycles also help us to lose weight. This requires intense levels of self-discipline and also a consistent daily routine. Due to the pandemic, we have all been stuck at home through the lockdowns. Therefore, this is the perfect time for us to practice self-discipline and use it to make our sleep cycles much more efficient and healthy.

I will be uploading detailed blogs about self-discipline and the connection between weight loss and sleep soon, keep an eye out if you are interested.

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