How has the pandemic affected your lifestyle?

This pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives. Some of the changes have helped some of us. Unfortunately, most of the changes that we have had to make to our daily routine have negatively impacted us in one way or the other. Before the pandemic, whether we liked it or not, we had to live a much more disciplined life for the sake of our education or work. Nowadays, studying and working from home has made us slow and inefficient.

The most significant thing that has been affected is our sleep schedule. A proper sleep cycle is crucial for the human mind and body, and recently we have derived ourselves from that. The pandemic and the government lockdowns across the world has forced us to work from home and set our working hours. This massively complicates things for someone who is particularly not a disciplined person. Since we are so dependent on our pre-pandemic schedule, adjusting to this new freedom of working hours is turning out to be much more difficult.

Nowadays, most of us tend to go to sleep at later hours than our usual times. Since we no longer face the necessity of getting up early in the morning to freshen up, get dressed, and commute to work, we have gotten very lazy with our sleep schedule. A proper sleep cycle has many advantages, likes the ones that I have already mentioned in my previous blogs, and going to work/school should not be the only reason to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The main issue with disrupting your sleep schedule is that it takes the body a significant amount of time to cope with changes. During this time, you will most likely be tired and feel unwell.

This is like a double negative for you because your body will go through the same transitional period of adjustment when everything does return to normal. Eventually, the vaccines will get the required approval and will be distributed amongst the general population. Educational institutions, offices, and business will most likely return to their day to day routines, and your body will suffer then as well.

Our discipline has also been affected during this pandemic. Our brain associates our home space as a relaxing and comfortable environment. Therefore, most of us are having a hard time separating work and studies from comfort and relaxation. Most of us have gotten extremely lazy since there is no pressure or driving force other than deadlines. All of these harmed our efficiency and productivity, and in times of reductions in jobs and furloughs, this is the last thing you need.

The only solution to this issue is a rather easy but at the same time difficult one. We need to go back to our original routines. It may not happen in a day or even a week but, if we work at it a little each day, then it will definitely be a reality soon. Try to get back to that original routine without an external force driving us is what makes it so difficult. The mind will always try to push you towards the comfort side of your home but, you have to push through that and stay focused on the work that needs to be done.

The last thing that has been a vital point for most of us is exercise. Since all the gyms are closed and, we are not going out of our homes unless it is necessary. Exercise is important for the human body for multiple reasons, most importantly it helps to improve the immune system. Exercise helps to keep the body in proper balance. Exercise also helps to release endorphins that help us to improve our mood. Being in the confined space of your home for long periods of time can definitely be frustrating and exercise is an easy way to release some of that frustration. Even though we can not do the regular exercises that we do in the gym, we can still do freehand exercises at home.

This pandemic has taken and continues to take a huge toll on our body, mind, and soul. But, together we will get through this. Many vaccines have received approval across the world, and we will soon be able to put all of these issues behind us. Till then, stay safe.

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