How travelling affects your sleep

We all love to travel. We enjoy going to new and exotic places. We get to meet new people, culture, and discover places that we didn’t even know existed. Traveling has many positives, but, it also comes with its fair share of issues. One of the most concerning ones is the impact it has on our sleep. Sleep is a vital part of life, as we know. Therefore, when our sleep is disrupted, it takes complete fun and joy out of traveling.

To combat the situation, you must first know what causes the problem and then you can apply the necessary solutions that will be needed. We are going to be looking at all the different problems along with their respective solutions to ensure that your vacation trip is not ruined. Let’s dive into the details which will help to make your next vacation, effortless.


Our body has an internal clock that keeps track of the day and night cycles. The clock helps our body to understand when to stay active and when to feel sleepy. The internal clock of your body is calibrated according to the physical location in which we live. Our internal clock and the clock we use to check the time, sync up to provide the optimal performance and efficiency for our body.

When we travel outside of our timezone then the internal clock can not adjust in such a short time, therefore we often feel sleepy and tired at the “wrong” times.




The solution to this problem is slightly tricky. It is not hard to solve the issue but, it will take some patience, discipline, and planning. The primary objective is to let the internal clock get used to the new time zone.

You must set your time to the timezone of the place that you are traveling to. The general calculation that you have to keep in is that, you need a day of prep time per hour the timezone shifts. For instance, if you are traveling to a place where the timezone will shift by 6 hours, you must start prepping for it 6 days before your trip. This will help your body to be adjusted to the local timezone of your destination and you can enjoy the trip without any fatigue or discombobulation.


This is also something that is caused due to the circadian rhythms being out of sync. As we previously mentioned, the internal clock of the body plays a huge role in the weather we will have a pleasant trip, or will it be very stressful on our bodies.

This is a relatively modern issue. In earlier times people used to travel long distances by ships and that took days, week and at times even months to reach their destination. Therefore, their circadian rhythm got used to the timezone shifts as they traveled through it.

Nowadays, we can cross the same amount of distance in mere hours, thanks to modern aircraft. But, this fast rate of travel also poses its unique problem. You can now travel so fast through the time zones that your body does not get any time to adjust to the changes, as it takes generally a day to over the time difference of 1 hour.


There are several different things that we can do to avoid jet lag. The most tricky one of these is the one we discussed for adjusting our body clock. The other ones are quite simple to follow.

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps to keep the body active and helps you deal with all the stress and strain that you will put on the body.

Another trick is to sleep on the plane if it is night time on your destination. This helps the body to be completely rested when you land at your destination.

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