What is passion?

Some people say that passion is what drives us. Some say it is what wakes us up in the morning. But, the best way to describe what passion is, is by understanding what it is. Passion stems from the desire to do something great. It originates from the want to become something or to obtain something that you desire. Passion is what helps us to push through the barriers that we encounter on a daily basis. As we are all biological creatures, we all have a limited life-span. But there are of course some very positive pros to this fact as well. Since we (humans) are biological creatures with intelligence that means that we possess the ability to have dreams and ambitions in our lives. The fact that is the scariest among all these is the one which tells us that most people will live their complete life-span and yet never do the things that they love. Most people are afraid to take the leap into the unknown because they fear that they will lose the mediocre and safe lifestyle that they currently have. Although they dislike and in certain cases hate their current lifestyle of work that they are doing, they will still continue to do it over and over until it is time for them to retire. They will go on to live a full life but not a fulfilling or satisfying life.


Sadly, we all had to say goodbye to some of our loved ones over the years and the only thing that they can tell us before they pass away are the opportunities that they skipped or missed out in life just because they were too afraid of the unknown. On their deathbeds, all they have is a heavy heart which is filled with regrets. Having passion in our lives helps us to overcome these issues.


Passion is like the fuel that drives us to achieve our ambitions and goals. It is what helps us to turn our dreams into reality. There is no reason for us to not listen to our passion. It is the voice inside our heads that helps us to overcome and push through the difficult situations that we face on a regular basis on our way to success. Some of us have already found our passion at a very early age and that has helped to shape our lives according to our needs and has, therefore, ensured complete happiness by the time we reach our 30`s. Unfortunately, most of us are not so lucky. We sometimes struggle even in our 20`s or 30`s to find our passion in life.


I have faith in you. You should too. At the end of the day, you have to change up your thinking. We have to keep on charging ahead with the knowledge that you have overcome 100% of the troubles that life has thrown at you. We have not failed so far. So why start now?


Never stop searching for your passion, it’s never too late. When you feel like quitting on yourself, just take a minute and think back on the countless people that have disrespected you or whatever you stand up for or believe in. Turn all that negative energy into the positive energy that drives you throughout the day. Make it a personal challenge. If you don’t feel like doing it for yourself then do it just to prove the worthless people that have questioned you once, wrong.


The first step to achieving something great such as happiness begins with our decisions. The moment we decide to quit doing things that do not fulfill us and concentrate on things that excite us, that is the day when we will be truly free and will be able to live a life that we can be proud of. We have to stop giving into peer pressure and pressure from friends, family as well as society. Since we live in a free world, we should be able to do whatever is suitable for us to sustain a happy and peaceful life. We see this phenomenon more often than we would like, where most of us are pressured into doing something safe rather than something that we like or feel connected towards. This ends up disrupting our creative side and forcing us to move far away from it.


That voice that keeps knocking inside your head, might seem like a crazy person most of the time. But, in reality, that voice is your intellectual side. On the outside what the world sees is WHO you are. The voice inside your head is WHAT you are and what makes you different from everyone else. Therefore, even though the voice seems like troublesome white noise in our heads, sometimes we should at least slow down and try to listen to what it has to say to us. Most of the time it will convey our deepest thoughts and desires to us.
No matter how optimistic we are, there are certain realities that we must keep in mind. For instance, we need to be able to clearly identify people who are genuinely willing to help us selflessly and people who are there just by our side just to ensure that we crash and burn in the long run. We must avoid these people as well as the advice that they try to pass on in our direction.
We should avoid all the negativity and toxicity that the world has to offer and focus on the positives. It’s a beautiful life and we can make it even better just by following our passion and chasing down our ambitions.

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