Symptoms of stress given off by your behavior

Previously we discussed the symptoms of stress that are given off by the body and also the symptoms of stress given off by your mood. Now, we are going to be looking at the symptoms of stress that are given off by your behavior with the people around you.

The group of people includes everyone, starting from strangers, all the way up to close family members. Thankfully, observing someone for characteristics of stress through their behavior is one of the easiest methods since oftentimes it is very clear.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms that will help us to identify stress in you or someone close to you. We must identify stress as early as possible because it is something that gets very bad over time.


One of the most common and prominent signs that a person is going through stress, is when they suddenly stop interacting with people. When you are going through stressful times then, knowingly or unknowingly, you have a lot going on in your mind. All those thoughts make it difficult for you to be socially active.

Therefore, you distance yourself from the people around you. You try to avoid crowds as much as possible by not going to birthdays, weddings, etc. But, if you let this build up then over time the situation will get much worse.

You will finally end up in a position when you will try to avoid almost everyone in your life. Since human beings are social creatures, therefore, it will become very difficult for you to continue with your regular lifestyle.


Stress is like a nagging voice at the back of your head, so, it is very normal for you to be irritated and angry at all times. Often it gets so bad that you will end up expressing your anger even at the smallest things in life. If you or someone close to you is having temper tantrums for no apparent reason, then it is highly likely that the cause for all this unnecessary anger is stress.


When you have a sudden increase in alcohol consumption, it is a characteristic of someone going through stress. Alcohol can temporarily make you feel better, but, that will not last long. Stress is an underlying issue and can not be cured by ignoring it or avoiding it by consuming alcohol.

The same goes for drugs as well. If you have suddenly started using drugs or have increased the use of drugs, it shows that you are trying to forget about the thing that is causing you stress. The drugs will only help you to temporarily forget about the issues that you are having. They are not the answer to your problems. You must find productive solutions to this destructive problem.


If you find yourself consuming too much of the substances that contain tobacco then that can also indicate that you are under stress. Tobacco contains a substance called nicotine that enters your body and releases chemicals. These chemicals help to make you feel relaxed.

Like drugs and alcohol, the relaxing impact of tobacco is also temporary, and therefore, you find yourself reaching for it more often than usual when you are under stress.


Biting nails in general is a very bad habit since it causes all kinds of sickness. It is also one of the clear signs that show us that a person is under a certain amount of stress. Biting your nails make you feel relaxed and its something that most people do subconsciously.


People suffering from stress have a hard time making up their minds. This gets worse as the number of options that are presented to them increases. Since they already have so much going on in their minds due to the issue that is causing them the stress, so, the new information is not getting the full processing potential or priority from the brain.

This is what makes people with stress very bad at taking important decisions. They are also often very slow at concluding the new topic in hand is not being prioritized by their brain.


When you are under stress, you will not feel like exercising as much as you used to. One of the key factors that lead to this situation is that
stress causes muscle pain by putting constant tension on the muscles. It is hard to do exercises regularly if your muscles hurt.

There is also the added factor of fatigue. When we are stressed, fatigue takes over our body and this makes it hard for us to do the normal tasks which we used to do.


Your normal diet is also impacted when you are going through stress. When you are stressed, the stomach tends to tense up which disrupts the beautiful balance inside your body. This negatively impacts the digestive system and takes away your appetite.

All of this results in some people under-eating or some people also end up overeating. Neither one is healthy for our body and therefore, we must use the solutions to end this problem when it is in its infant stages.

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