Symptoms of stress given off by your body

Stress is something that we all have to deal with on a regular basis. It starts as harmless or manageable, but, if we overlook it for too long then it ends up turning into a monster within us. Therefore, we need to be able to stop it or control it at its earliest stages.

There are generally three categories through which we can tell if someone is experiencing stress or not. The three general categories of stress are

stress on the body
stress on your behavior
stress on your mood

In this article, we will be looking into the symptoms of stress that are displayed by our bodies.


When you are stressed about a situation, your body goes into ‘over-drive.’ This makes your body use up more energy in a shorter period, this will then leave you feeling tired or fatigued.
Fatigue can also result from a lack of sleep. The quality and quantity of sleep are very important for the human body to be able to repair the damaged portions of the body. If the proper amount of sleep is not ensured then that can lead to feeling tiredness or drowsiness even after sleeping.



As we have seen, lack of sleep can cause fatigue which in turn causes stress. The reality is that sleep is extremely important for us. Without proper sleep, the stress levels tend to rise, even when everything in your life goes accordingly. The only proper rest which your body and mind receive is when you sleep. This phenomenon is discussed in further detail in another article related to improving sleep.



This is a very common symptom that can be seen in people who experience high levels of stress. Whenever you overload yourself with an amount of work that is unrealistic then your brain has to work in over-drive just to keep up with all your needs.
Therefore, the brain does not get a chance to rest and reset and ultimately leads to the swelling of blood vessels and muscles in the head. This causes you to have a headache.



Stress causes the muscles in your body to tense up. And if you are stressed about something for too long, the muscle will remain under tension. After a while, the muscles will start to hurt since they are being subjected to so much tension for so long.
Not all muscles are impacted at the same rate though, the neck and the back muscles take the most amount of damage. Therefore, constant neck and back pain for no apparent reason is a clear sign that your body is experiencing stress.


This is a symptom that should not be taken lightly at all. This occurs when someone is experiencing severe stress which then results in panic attacks. If this happens to you then you should ask someone to drive you to seek medical attention as soon as humanly possible.


If you are experiencing stress at a constant level for a long period then it can have a negative impact on your sex drive. If you are experiencing stress, the blood vessels in your body might get narrower which would restrict blood flow. All this results in erectile dysfunction for males.
Stress also impacts the sex drives of females negatively by lower the production of hormones that are responsible for their sexual drive.



Stress for prolonged periods can lead to you developing high blood pressure. This is also on the riskier side of what stress can do in the long run, if not kept in check.


Since you now know how to detect stress in yourself or someone else close to you by observing their body symptoms, now can also diffuse the situation by following certain steps to reduce or control stress.

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